Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build houses on sloping blocks?

Absolutely. We have built a number of homes on a range of sloping blocks and understand the unique requirements of a sloping block build. We work with architects and engineers to ensure that your house will last lifetime.

You can discover one example of a new house built on a very steep block here: New Home on a Sloping Block

Do you have a list of recommended architects?

We do. We have worked with some of the best Architects on the Gold Coast and would be pleased to recommend the following companies to design your new dream home:

Can you guarantee that there aren’t cost blow outs?

One of our six promises to you is:

You are guaranteed a fixed price contract with no hidden costs or unexpected surprises.

Your plans, internal and external finishes schedules will be explained to you so you know exactly what is included.
Your contract will be provided by Master Builders Association.

Why should we trust our new home with you?

We have a rich history of building beautiful homes for families and are proud to have brought the family’s dreams and the architect’s plans to life.

We are extremely happy with the result which was completed on time and on budget. We continue to receive compliments from neighbours and friends who have expressed their amazement.

How long will it take to build my home?

As the answer to this question depends so greatly on the scale of your new home build, we ensure that we carefully plan your build and give you clear timeframes before work begins.

What if we change our mind during the process?

We are flexible and more than happy to discuss plan alterations during the building process. Just be aware that changes will affect the provided project timelines and costings; but we’ll be open and upfront with them. We want to ensure that your new home is your dream home and the process is a dream also.

What are your tradies like?

Our team are hardworking, respectful and highly skilled. Our clients often mention how good the dynamic of visiting the new house is because of the team relationships.